About overseas delivery.
Regarding overseas shipping methods, we will ship by EMS, airmail, or DHL.
Please write your address in English [A-Z,0-9].Do not use symbols for [City].
반드시 영어로 주소와 이름을 기입해 주십시오 [A-Z,0-9].도시에 기호를 사용하지 마십시오.
请务必用英文填写您的姓名和地址 [A-Z,0-9]。不要使用城市符號。
EMS has the highest priority, followed by airmail, and for countries that do not support both, DHL will be used.
In addition, please note that the customer will be responsible for any customs duties imposed on the overseas delivery.
Please note that the delivery company cannot be specified.
*If it is delivered by DHL, there is a high possibility that customs duties will be applied.
Please refer to Japan Post for EMS and airmail compatible countries.
You can also use forwarding services such as [tenso.com].


(例:❌10条→⭕️十条 ❌6本木→⭕️六本木)